5 Products to Increase Productivity in 2019

Now that we’re officially into February, and the “new year, new me” mentality has begun to wear off, I’m bringing the inspiration back to empower you guys to continue to conquer your 2019 goals!

I love the concept of having a word or overarching theme that describes your year. For 2018, my word was “discovery.” I traveled abroad, I went outside of my comfort zone and I really spent the year focusing on me and what I wanted for my brand. As a type A individual who wants to plan out her life and stay ahead of the game, this was not only difficult but extremely liberating for me. This still may be too early to call, but I think “productivity” might be my word for 2019.

Ways to increase productivity


I want to focus this year on how to be productive in both my personal life and my professional life. Most importantly, I want to be productive in my time management. Am I making the most of my time, and am I dedicated and invested in the projects I’m working on?

I want to spend this year focusing on what being productive looks like to me. Throughout the entirety of the fall semester, I was a ball of anxiety because I didn’t have a summer internship. I wasn’t about to connect with the mission or intentions of any companies or recruiters for that matter and something just felt off. I was extremely hard on myself because I didn’t understand why my qualifications weren’t speaking to people. Guess what? I still don’t have a summer internship set in stone, and I’m ok with it because rather than spending time with companies that don’t want to invest time and resources into me, I’m investing time in relationships with people who I connect with both personally and professionally. If I know one thing about myself, I know that I’m not interested in having an internship just to say I have one. I am motivated by people who I know love their job and take a personal interest in their team.

With that being said, I just started my spring internship, and I’m choosing to focus my time on being a great employee and living in the present. For once in my life, not having a summer internship yet doesn’t scare me. Yes, I need the money because I’m a broke college student, but I also feel confident in the fact that anything is possible, and having a free summer means I can still take on any and every opportunity that comes my way.

Productivity is also a huge feat when you’re also a full-time college student. If you’re in the same boat as me, keep reading, because I’ve rounded up FIVE products to help improve productivity in 2019!

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AirPods — Multitasking has never been easier. Everyone I know who has AirPods is in love with them and has said they couldn’t imagine the daily routine without them. Living with three roommates, I totally see the appeal. I am the first one up every morning and love to listen to podcasts while I’m making breakfast. I also enjoy listening to music or podcasts while I’m making dinner, but trying to keep up with your phone and a hot pan while you’re cooking dinner is a juggling act!

My friends who are athletes are also obsessed with them because they don’t have to be tied to their phones as they’re working out. AirPods are NOT budget friendly and are certainly not on my radar for this reason, so I’ve rounded up some budget-friendly Bluetooth headphones.

Yeti — If you’re a reader who knows me in person, you’ll know I’m a TOTAL clutz and not graceful in the least. While I was moving back into my apartment from winter break, I dropped my Brita water bottle in the parking lot and the lid shattered into a million pieces. Well done, Erica, well done! I took this to be my sign that I needed to finally bite the bullet and purchase a Yeti Tumbler. I was first drawn to a tumbler because I can make tea in the morning, rinse it out and put cold water into it in the afternoon. I’m starting a new internship this week, and not having to carry a Thermos and a water bottle is a major win-win. Because I’m still not ready to 100% commit, I found this super affordable tumbler from Target I’ve been loving!

Nespresso — I got my Nespresso for my 21st birthday after spending the summer studying abroad in Italy (read about it here & here). After coming back to the states, I couldn’t imagine NOT drinking expresso every morning. I know that sounds super high-maintenance, but their coffee is just that much better.

Portable charger — There is nothing worse than being on the go and having to worry about a dying phone battery (first world problems, I know…). Portable chargers are a must for long days and have saved my life multiple times.

Time batching — I’ve heard time and time again how time batching changes your work productivity almost overnight, and I completely agree. If you haven’t heard of time batching, check out this article! I asked on Instagram and Facebook for you to share some of your favorite apps to help with productivity, and I’m working to compile a list of your favorites!

Having a clock separate from my phone is vital to my productivity. Checking my phone for the time is always a slippery slope. It goes from, “what time is it?” to, “Omg one of my team members needed help, so now I have to go to Google Docs and help them out.” Before you know it, an hour has passed.

How do you increase productivity? 

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