DIY New Year’s Eve Decorations

Do you have extra wine or champagne bottles lying around after your holiday party? This easy DIY project is a great way to reuse and recycle those bottles and create stunning New Year’s Eve centerpieces!

DIY glitter wine bottles

Last New Year’s Eve I made these adorable glitter candles and wine bottles. It was such a fun and easy way to repurpose and recycle empty bottles and give them a new life.

What You’ll Need

For the wine bottles, I covered the entire bottle with Modge Podge then held the bottle with two fingers inside the lip while I poured on the glitter. I left the bottom of the bottle as is so that it wouldn’t stick to the newspaper or sit unevenly. The glitter adhered super easily and dried within about an hour or two. Just as a forewarning, be sure to use newspaper or else glitter will get everywhere.

DIY New Year's Eve decorations

I followed the same steps for the candles, but I only covered the bottom half with Modge Podge and glitter since both are flammable. My brother’s girlfriend repurposed old candles stands to go with the candles. She painted them black and then finished them off with a gold bow!

DIY glitter wine bottles


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