Holiday Travel Tips & Tricks

I’m currently writing this post while waiting for my laundry to finish up so I can pack for Thanksgiving break! Woohoo! Like many, I am boarding a plane in a matter of hours to be with my family over Thanksgiving. Three or four years ago my family started a tradition of celebrating Thanksgiving break down in Florida and this year is no different! My sister and I will be flying down to Amelia Island, Florida on Sunday morning and staying for the whole week. Be sure to follow along on Instagram! 

carry-on suitcase

My Favorite Carry-on Suitcase: 

I’m a self-diagnosed nervous flyer, especially around the holidays, so through the years, I’ve established some tips and tricks to make holiday travel a little less painful.

1) Bring an empty water bottle in your carry-on 

I always have an empty water bottle in my bag to fill up once I get through security. There are always water fountains in the airport, so it’s a no-brainer; no need to spend extra $$$ on airport waterbottles. My Brita water bottle honestly saved me from dehydration while I was in Italy this summer. I carried it with me every single day and was able to refill it directly out of the sink. We were living in the 90-degree heat without air conditioning, so I was filling up the bottle 10+ times a day to try and stay hydrated.

2) Download podcasts, music and entertainment beforehand  

There is nothing worse than turning your phone on airplane mode before realizing you completely forgot to download the latest podcast. Sit down the night before your flight and download a few episodes, so in the hustle of your flight, you don’t forget. Some of my current podcasts right now are TSC Him & Her, The Influencer Podcast and How I Built This with Guy Raz

3) Bring a headphone adapter & phone essentials 

On my way to Italy this summer, I realized my stupid Apple headphones didn’t work with the airplane TVs because of the charging port size. First world problems, I know, but if you’re planning on using the airplane entertainment systems to make the flight fly by, (no pun intended…) be sure to bring a headphone adapter. Of, if you’re like me, and plan to listen to podcasts, invest in an iPhone adaptor/splitter so you can listen and charge your phone at the same time. Side note: ALWAYS travel with a portable charger.

4) Know where your meds are

If you are prone to motion sickness like me, always know where your meds are. I personally take Bonine before every flight because I can’t handle any form of turbulence well. I prefer Bonine over Dramamine because I have zero negative side effects with Bonine, whereas with Dramamine, my stomach will be messed up for HOURS after my flight.

5) Always have an extra layer 

I am always freezing on planes, so I always throw in an extra pair of fuzzy socks or a blanket scarf into my carry-on just in case. There’s nothing worse than being cold!

 Next time you’ll hear from me, I’ll be in Florida!! 

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