My Winter Staples

How crazy is it that it’s November 6th, Starbucks holiday cups are officially out, and stores are in the full Christmas swing?! It feels like I blinked and October came and went!  This past weekend I even asked Matt if he could find a Halloween movie on t.v. He just looked at me with a grin on his face for a second before I realized Halloween already happened… Before we know it, I will be down in Florida celebrating Thanksgiving with my family.


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In the meantime, it officially time to start bundling up here in Virginia. My favorite pink beanie is already down from storage and the leaves are finally starting to change from green to orange, yellow and red. Each winter, I rediscover some of my favorite items that were hiding away all summer, like my Christmas mugs, fleece lined flannel shirt and my favorite slippers. Below I’m sharing my all-time favorite winter staples that need to find a home in your closet this winter!

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Cozy Wrap or Shawl // Is there anything cozier than a toasty wrap or shawl to bundle yourself up in this winter? Wraps are basically a socially acceptable blanket that you can throw on over a pair of leggings and booties and look instantly chic! There are so many cute options out there, including the shawl featured above that’s reversible!

Fuzzy Pom-Pom Hat  // You will find me in my favorite pink pom-pom hat all winter long. It is so cozy, keeps my head warm while I’m walking to class and my absolute favorite color; plus what’s better than an adorable beanie to cover up a bad hair day? Not a fan of pink, this grey option is too cute to resist.

Hydrating Hair Oil // I don’t know about you guys, but my hair gets straw-like in the winter. It seriously lacks hydration and always looks blahh! I’ve been using this argan oil since my freshman year of high school and it’s crazy how just a little product gives my hair new life. If you struggle with your ends getting dry, add a little bit of this product while your hair is still damp and you’ll notice an immediate difference.

Christmas Mug // Don’t hold this against me, but your girl loves a good Christmas mug. My perfect winter day would include cuddling up by the fire with my pup, watching a Christmas movie and drinking hot chocolate (with a candy cane in it, of course!) out of a festive mug. So basically, my ultra persona is this adorable mug!

Toasty Sweater // Doesn’t this sweater look like all your winter dreams have come true? First of all, it’s white, and you guys know I have a big obsession with white sweaters. Secondly, the ENTIRE sweater is Sherpa fleece (the same material my fav blanket is made out of!!). Thirdly, the sweater basically comes with a built-in scarf. I know… it’s just a turtleneck, but honestly, this is a turtleneck unlike any other!!

Elemis Pro-Collagen Marine Cream // This Elemis Pro-Collagen Marine Cream is my holy grail of a product. I’ve religiously used it for over a year now and it makes a drastic difference in the feel and appearance of my skin. Normally in the winter, my skin gets dry and flakey and super irritated, but Elemis delivers a surge of hydration that is unmatched by any products I’d ever tried previously. A couple weeks ago I decided to go with a Clinique product rather than Elemis to try and save some money, and my skin is begging for Elemis again. Hopefully, I can make it until the end of November before repurchasing!

Water Resistant Booties // These UGG boots have been on my radar for weeks now. I love my classic UGG boots, but I’ve always wanted a pair that can be a tad dressier. If these booties ever go on sale, you bet they’ll find their way into my cart.

UGG Socks // UGG makes the cutest socks for the cold winter months. You might remember this pair from last winter that was super popular, but not very practical. Well, this season they came out with basically the same sock in a shorter version.

Warm Slippers // My feet are FREEZING all winter long. If I put them up against you, you’d probably ask me why I was soaking my feet in an ice bath. Thankfully with a pair of cabin socks and a pair of warm slippers, my feet are a lot happier.

A Stylish Throw // I’ve been watching this throw for years at Nordstrom praying they would at some point mark it down. No such luck, but I had to include it in this graphic. The pom-poms are to die for and it comes in four other colors!

What items can you not live without in the winter? 

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