Coffee Guide: Keurig vs Nespresso

When I came home from Italy a little over two months ago, I noticed an immediate difference between the quality of my Keurig coffee versus the full-bodied, fresh and delicious expresso I had while in Italy. Part of my Keurig dissatisfaction came from the fact that I went to a café every single morning while in Italy, so tastebud culture shock was definitely involved. However, whether you prefer Keurig or Nespresso, there are definitely some major pros and cons of each.

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In the act of full disclosure, I’ll admit that I personally prefer Nespresso over Keurig, however; everyone’s needs and tastes are different, so I’m going to try and make this post as unbiased as possible! I own both the Nespresso Vertuo Coffee Machine and the Keurig K50 Coffee Maker and love both for different reasons. Broadly speaking, they are both single-serve brewers that require K-cups (Keurig) or pods and capsules (Nespresso), but there are a TON of differences between the two.


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I own the Keurig K50 Coffee Maker after previously owning an off-brand, inexpensive Keurig my freshman and sophomore years of college. Keurig is the go-to option for many college students because it is relatively inexpensive compared to other products on the market. Not only is the machine cheaper, but you can also purchase K-cups in bulk from Sam’s Club or Cosco for around $0.60 a piece.

The price point on the Keurig is definitely a pro, but what if you want more than just coffee? Although Keurig played around with the idea of an espresso machine a few years back, it wasn’t a success. Recently Keurig is trying against and released their K-Café, however; it is pretty pricey and retails for $199; around the same as Nespresso machines.

In terms of recycling, Keurig K-cups are not currently recyclable. With this being said, Keurig does works with companies in their Ground to Grow On™ program where they separate the grounds from the foil and plastic. By 2020, Keurig intends to have all of their new K-cups recyclable, however; in the meantime, the average American coffee drinker has around 3 cups of coffee a day according to E-Imports. If you are a Keurig user, that’s 1,168 K-cups a year. Spread that out among Keurig’s 11.2 million users just from 2015, and you can only imagine the resources that are going to waste by individual users.


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I own the Nespresso VertuoLine Coffee and Espresso Machine Bundle with the automated milk frother. Nespresso is an investment, but if you’re an espresso fanatic, it’s worth every penny. Nespresso has two lines: Vertuo for coffee and expresso capabilities & Original for only coffee drinks. The Vertuo is only compatible with the pods, which run about $1.10 for coffee beverages, and $0.85 for espresso, and the Original only takes the capsules, around $0.70 per.

Prior to purchasing my Nespresso, I would mask the taste of my Keurig-made coffee with french vanilla creamer. Long story short, I wasn’t a fan of any of the K-cup flavors available, so I overcompensated with sugar. Nespresso pods, on the other hand, are all DELICIOUS! I genuinely enjoy the flavor, so I’ll froth vanilla almond milk (or half-and-half if I want to treat myself), no added sugar necessary!

Nespresso is committed to recycling their pods and giving them a second life. There are two ways to recycle, the first is ordering a recycling bag off of the Nespresso website, if you receive your pods from the website directly, you can throw a couple bags in for free. Unfortunately, although the company that’s committed to recycling, they won’t send you the bags without a purchase online. Your second option is to drop off your capsules or pods at local stores, such as William Sonoma.

Which single-serve brewer do you prefer? 

This post is not sponsored by Nespresso or Keurig. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

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    1. I’ve had similar luck with Keurig products! I’m not a pretty sight in the morning if the coffee maker is broken!

  1. I can’t work a regular coffee maker to save my life so I’ve been using a Keurig since college but I’ve been dying for a Nespresso! Just gotta wait until I’m not living off my intern salary to make the splurge LOL.

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