Summer in Italy Packing Guide

I can’t believe I’m off to Italy for the remainder of the summer! If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know I’ve been talking about this trip for months.

Italy packing list

From completing the paperwork necessary for my university to creating a packing list with all of the essentials, I’ve been stitching together the pieces to make this study abroad possible since January. If you’re studying abroad in Italy like I am, or traveling for vacation, stay tuned because I’m breaking down my ultimate summer in Italy packing list!

italy packing


Checked Bag


Every time I travel, I find myself walking 5+ miles almost every day. In my opinion, walking is the best way to experience your new city. This means I have zero tolerance for uncomfortable shoes that’ll give me blisters, arch pain or overall achy feet.

  • Birkenstocks — I can’t believe how long it took me to finally purchase a pair of Birkenstocks; they are life changing! They’re extremely comfortable and super versatile. I wear mine with jeans, dresses & athletic wear.

  • Sneakers — Vans and Converse are such a great sneaker option for summer travel if you plan to be a bit dressier than athletic wear. Both these options pair well with day dress and skirts.

  • Dressier shoesOne thing that excites me about going abroad is that everyone dresses less casually than we do here in America. I have dresses packed every night for dinner, so I also had to be sure to pack dressier shoes to go with them. Since stilettos are a no-no on the cobblestone streets, I’d suggest packing wedges or block heels instead. (All the shoes below have a nude or light color option, I’d suggest going with those rather than a bright color. More versatility!) 


Dresses are my go-to in the summertime; they’re just so easy! The majority of the items I’ve packed are dresses or rompers that I can just throw on & are easy to wash. Although I’ll have access to a washing machine at my apartment in Italy, my clothing will still have to air dry. I love dresses like Cabana Life that not only breath with you but also take half as much time to dry as other materials. I personally LOVE their classic shirt dress (seen here!)

For tops and bottoms, I’m all about neutral basics that can be mixed and matched. I think I own six-ish white tanks/white sweaters that go with every single pair of bottoms I own. This makes packing super easy because I can just throw everything into my suitcase and know I have matching outfits. Also, I’m taking one sweatshirt for the plane (you can see my flight outfit here!) and one white jean jacket in-case the nights get cold.

Carry-on & Personal Item

Because I flew to Italy on a red-eye flight, my carry-on and personal items were packed with all the necessities: motion sickness drugs, a travel pillow, headphones, etc. However, I also packed a ton of items that I think most people forget about. For example, I always bring an empty Brita Filter water bottle to fill once I get through security so I don’t have to buy a water bottle. I also always travel with hand sanitizer and probiotic. We are exposed to thousands and thousands of germs everytime we travel, and combined with the stress of traveling, it is almost inevitable that I’ll catch some kind of cold/sickness.

What are the travel essentials you never forget to pack? Be sure to stay tuned for more travel posts from Italy!

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