Kat Von D 24-Hour Super Brow

The first time I ever filled in my eyebrows was for my junior prom. I couldn’t believe the difference having defined brows made in pictures; however, I thought it was far too much maintenance for my everyday routine. In addition, a lot of the products on the market didn’t give me that natural look I strive for. Fast forward a couple years, and now full & natural brows are all the rage.

filling-on eyebrows

When Kat Von D sent me their 24-hour super brow long-wear pomade and pomade brow brush, I was excited to try it out. I’m a big fan of simple and clean makeup, so I’m not going to lie, I was a bit dismayed by the dark pigmentation the first time I tried this product. I immediately went to wash it off because it was just too much. Long story short,  I used WAY too much product.

Kat Von D brow pomade

After my first attempt, I watched a million Youtube videos and read articles on the proper way to fill in your brows. With each new article and video, I realized I was breaking almost every single eyebrow etiquette rule in the book. Please know I am NOT a beauty guru, but I did learn a few helpful tips for beginners wanting to learn how to fill in their brows.

Make sure your brows are properly groomed

I made the mistake of trying out this product for the first time while my eyebrows were a little overgrown. Grooming might be an obvious first step to some, but in all honesty, I didn’t realize how bad my brows were until I started to fill them. Not only did this make it difficult to establish an eyebrow line, but the end product looked super messy because of all the straggler hairs. Ensuring your eyebrows are well groomed has a huge impact and is an easy first step to take. I’ve also realized the importance of a spoolie brush to brush out and even your brows after application.

Find the right shade

Finding the perfect shade makes all the difference in your experience. If you don’t have the opportunity to find the right shade in store, you’d be surprised how difficult it is. Unfortunately, I had to play the guessing game on which Kat Von D brow pomade was right for me, and ended up asking for a lighter color that I thought I needed.  Although I went lighter than I had originally thought, dark blonde — the next option — would have been much darker than my natural color. If you’re on the fence about which color to choose and don’t have the ability to test prior to purchasing, definitely go lighter than you think. You can always build on the color with more product, but it is hard to dilute pigment that is too dark.

Don’t overdo it

I always cringe when people over-do their eyebrows. Sometimes this error occurs because they chose a shade that’s too dark for them, and other times it is because they apply too much product. Both are major recipes for disaster. I’ve found that I like to apply the pomade to the top of my eyebrows, then the bottom and the inside. I leave the rest as is for the most natural look possible. In the after picture below, I applied the pomade to my entire eyebrow, and I think in future I’ll only use this product to shape and not to fill.


Before // After

Above are my before and after pictures. Matt kept commenting that he couldn’t tell a big difference in pictures, and that’s honestly a win in my book. I wanted to use this product to subtly improve the natural appearance of my eyebrows rather than creating a dramatic difference.

IMG_3738 2.jpg

All-in-all, this product would be perfect for special occasion wear, but I don’t think it’ll be my go-to everyday product. Not because I didn’t love the product, but rather because I hate feeling overly made up and don’t see it as an everyday necessity. However, I do plan to wear this product any time I have events, or when I’m taking pictures for the blog that aren’t full-day commitments.

Do you fill your eyebrows? If so, what are your best tips?

Thank you to Kat Von D and Influenster for the pomade and brush featured in this post. 

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  1. This product looks super good! I love products that are buildable, I feel like I’m more likely to achieve the result I want with them. This pomade is on my shopping list now!

    1. This product is definitely buildable and longlasting! Two major perks in my book. Yayy, that makes me so happy to hear! The brow brush makes all the difference as well if you don’t have one!

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