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One year ago today I took the plunge and announced! I can’t believe how much love and support I’ve received from this community over the past year. It is extremely sobering to see everything I’ve strived so hard for starting to fall into place. I started my blog as a middle schooler aching to find my voice in the midst of being severely bullied, hence the name “What the Clique.” Since that time, What the Clique has become such a huge part of my identity that I couldn’t imagine my life without this creative outlet.

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When I decided to re-brand my blog a year ago, it was a huge step for me in investing in myself. I moved from free hosting on Blogger, to a paid platform on WordPress. Full disclosure, every step of the way I questioned whether it was worth the investment. After a year, however, I can safely say switching to WordPress was the right move. I have full control over my blog, my advertisements, and my SEO capabilities.

This year has been such a blessing in terms of growth. I’ve significantly grown my Instagram account from a little over 300 followers to now almost 1,000, and I’ve seen significant growth in readership and retention. I know I don’t say this enough, but YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST! My blog is basically just a diary without my amazing readers.

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The quote above is from Jen Sincero’s book, You Are a Badass. Every time I’ve considered if the time and energy I put into this blog is worth it, I remind myself of this quote. (For example, when a post I’ve worked on for 10+ hours gets hardly any views… Yes, unfortunately, this has happened.) Each of these experiences has pushed me to become more inquisitive about my marketing strategies and SEO skills.

At the end of the day, there is no way I would rather spend my free time. This blog is my voice, why I get to say in job interviews that I’m a self-starter, and without a doubt the reason I wake up every day excited and motivated.

Each and every brand I collaborate with (Elemis, Jeulia Jewelry, Sundee Best Boutique) reminds me of how lucky I am to have connections with these brands. Each and every comment on Instagram and my blog makes my day. Don’t even get me started on when readers DM me or shoot me an email; I am on cloud nine ALL DAY, and there is no getting me down.

Happy 1st Birthday What the Clique & thank you to my amazing readers!

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