Hiker Boots

Unfortunately, winter is far from over. So, no matter how much I wish it was summer, I have┬áto remind myself that it’s only February! On the bright side, cold weather means more time to wear one of my favorite winter trends: hiker boots.


I came across this lightweight and comfy gray jogger/hiking boot at Target a few weeks ago. Not only were they on sale for $18 in stores, but they’re also incredibly warm and oh-so-cute! Unfortunately, this exact pair from Target is sold out, but there are so many fun options still available!
When it is super cold outside, I’ll wear them laced up the entire way, but in a more casual setting when paired with leggings and athletic wear, I’ll leave the top strings loose and untied. Although this Target option isn’t waterproof (even though I got caught out in the snow with them and they’ve held up) there are so many similar styles that are! Here are some of my favorites:

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