New Year’s Resolution

Here’s to 2018! Just like that, another year has come and gone! 2017 was a year filled with professional and personal growth, and I am excited to see where 2018 takes me.  

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Collegiate Women in Business: With encouragement from my boyfriend, Matt, I applied for an exec position in a student organization at Virginia Tech. This was always something I thought I wasn’t “talented” enough to do. However, not only was I offered a position within the organization as the Design Chair, but the position offered to me was one they had created specifically for me! I get to work alongside so many incredible, smart and successful women.

Summer Jobs/Internships: Stepping out of my comfort zone didn’t stop with Collegiate Women in Business! A few months later, I accepted an offer to work my very first official job at Monkee’s of Charlottesville. A few weeks after starting my summer retail job, I was offered an internship with KiraKira3D. You can read all about my summer, and how I managed working two jobs here & here!

Both of these accomplishments fall into the category of self-esteem. Which leads me to the first of my New Years Resolutions: stop comparing.

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Stop comparing

Comparison is, unfortunately, a huge part of this industry. It is so easy to look at successful bloggers and wonder why I’m not having the same “luck.” The easiest scapegoat excuse is that all these bloggers are prettier, smarter, richer, etc. than me. However, in all honesty, it’s not “luck” but high caliber, bad-a** women working their butts off to make their blog a success. I constantly need to remind myself that I’m a full-time student, and I can’t run a blog with the same content and attention to detail as full-time bloggers. Blogging is a full-time job and a huge commitment. So instead of comparing, I need to focus on my blog, my brand, and my successes.

Which brings me to my next resolution…

Defining my brand

Defining my brand is something that has been on my mind the past couple of months. My blog has been with me from middle school to high school, and now to college. It is hard to clearly define a brand for yourself when your life keeps drastically changing every few years. One thing I’ve come to terms with, however, is the fact that these drastic changes are always going to occur. After college, it’ll be starting my career and then who knows what! Throughout all these life changes, one thing will always stay the same… I love to bargain shop, find incredible deals, and share so others can save as well.

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  1. Great post! These are great goals and I bet you will rock 2018! Good luck with your resolutions and thanks for sharing🙂

  2. Great goals for the new year. I am going to try and incorporate stopping comparison into my own resolutions. Comparison is something that too often rules my own life. Congrats on the internships and success out in the business world! Thanks for sharing!

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