Easy at Home Whitening with Smile Brilliant

This post was sponsored by Smile Brilliant. I received this treatment as a gift in exchange for a review. All opinions are my own. 

I’m so excited to partner with Smile Brilliant today on the blog! When the Smile Brilliant team reached out and invited me to try their professional whitening system, I was immediately intrigued. As an avid coffee and tea drinker, my teeth are far from the perfect shade of white.

I’d previously used whitening strips in high school, but after experiencing painful sensitivity, I concluded it wasn’t worth it. Since then, my teeth have seen their fair share of stains. Gross right? Well, enter Smile Brilliant…!


Smile Brilliant is an at home, professional whitening system. It takes an average of 7-14 treatments to remove all stains, however, I started seeing results after my very first treatment!

Step 1: Create the impressions

I wrote this portion of the post while waiting the 30 minutes for my impressions to harden. I was pleasantly surprised how easy this first part of the process was! Not going to lie, when I opened the box and saw the paste and trays, I got a little nervous. Thankfully there was a step-by-step guide walked me through the whole process.

IMG_6201 (1).jpg

Step 2: Send impressions back to Smile Brilliant

Every Smile Brilliant kit comes with a pre-addressed envelope to return your impressions. I sent back my impressions prior to leaving for California over the summer and received my trays two days after returning from my trip.

Step 3: Start treatments!

In order to see a difference, you really have to commit. This ended up being the biggest struggle because being back at college means I’m constantly sick. When your sick and trying to survive exam week, whitening is definitely the last thing on your mind! However, during this whole process, I was really impressed with Smile Brilliant. The team taught me proper whitening etiquette like drinking coffee through a straw, avoiding berries, etc. I had no idea that your teeth were more susceptible to staining during the whitening process.

I also didn’t experience any sensitivity which was amazing! Sensitivity has always been one of my concerns when it comes to whitening. For those who have experienced it, you know just how uncomfortable it can be!


Step 4: Share your Smile! 

Who could forget the best part, sharing your smile! As a fashion blogger, my smile is my most important accessory. I am smiling 90% of the time. (Just see my Instagram!).


Before & after (2)

I don’t think these pictures really do my results justice. I am so much more confident in my smile! This product is a great resource for at home whitening, and because I loved it so much, ONE WINNER is going to win their own Smile Brilliant kit! 


Use code whattheclique15 to get $15 off your trays!

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