This post was written in collaboration with Curology. A bottle was gifted in exchange for an honest, unbias review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

I am so pumped to have the opportunity to collaborate with Curology today on the blog! When I was first introduced to Curology a couple months ago, I was immediately intrigued to learn more about the company. (P.S. Somehow all of the pictures Matt took for this collaboration post were deleted… So the pictures in this post were the only pictures recovered. UGH. But we made it work!)


So what is Curology? Curology is the easiest, most personalized way to treat your problematic skin fast and for an affordable price.

What is so groundbreaking about Curology, is that they customize their treatments depending on the patient. I was prescribed three separate topical treatments, but rather than having to keep up with three separate prescriptions, I just had one bottle that I applied every night!


On, your doctor is able to send messages directly on the website. Wow, my doctor, Joyce, was so informative! She explained to me that the worst of my skin care problems were behind me and that all I was basically, “cleaning up the mess,” from my middle school/high school acne days. Joyce informed me that I no longer have inflamed acne, so my treatment approach was different than I had expected.

Rather than just throwing out the medical terms that send me straight to Google, Joyce then broke down each topical treatment in my personalized formula and what it was for.


I was prescribed a treatment to help unclog pores, an anti-inflammatory and antibacterial, and an antibacterial that also fights redness and post-acne marks.

What I loved about Curology, is that I felt they were more there to help than to sell their product. Joyce flat out told me that this topical treatment probably wouldn’t solve the shallow acne scars on my face, but they might provide some results.

IMG_7251 (1)

After my first week, I broke out a lot. It was difficult to remind myself that this was all part of the process. Curology is the best and had emails every week explaining what you could be going through at that stage, why it was happening, and how it was a good thing.

I just completed my first month, and am resubscribing (on my own dime) for my next bottle of treatment. I’ve seen improvements in my skin, and can’t wait to continue this process and bring you guys along with me!

Want to try out Curology and get your first month free? Sign-up here:


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