Game Day Fashion

I can’t believe our first home football game was this past Saturday!! Where did summer go?! (If you couldn’t tell from my Instagram stories, I’m extremely excited to be back in Lane Stadium with all my Hokies.) So, in honor of the first football game of the fall, I’m sharing my favorite game day outfits.

Hokies generally dress pretty casual for game days. T-shirts and jean shorts are the norm, with a few dresses scattered here and there. I decided on a jean skirt, t-shirt, and my white vans for the first game.

Version 2

How cute is this dress from Monkee’s of Charlottesville? If I wanted to get more dressed up for a game, I would totally wear this dress in maroon with orange accent jewelry.

Want more inspiration? Here are some more of my favorite looks from Pinterest!

pictures via Pinterest 

What’s your go-to game day outfit? Comment below! 

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