Manhattan Beach

As I’ve been reliving my trip to California last week, I’ve realized how much I miss the west coast. If you’ve been following along, you’ve already read the first couple days of our trip! Just an overview for those now joining… We spent the first half of the trip at Newport Beach & Catalina Island, and the final half at Manhattan beach.

We had our final breakfast at the Island Hotel, and then we were on our way to Manhattan Beach. I had been eyeing the french toast below all week, and finally told myself I was on vacation and I was going to get it! Guys… It was amazing!


With a tummy full of sugar, I packed up the remainder of my stuff and headed to Manhattan Beach!


Manhattan Beach has a very different vibe than Newport Beach. At the Island Hotel, we were right across the street from Fashion Island and right next to PIMCO. So we were really only exposed to business professionals and couture clad shoppers. Have you stayed in either location before?? Which do you prefer? 

One thing I absolutely LOVED about Manhattan Beach was the short walk from the hotel to the beach! We passed the Manhattan Beach Creamery on the way and decided the day definitely called for some ice cream. I got mocha pecan in a waffle cone and my brother got an ice cream sandwich, but rather than a cookie on the outside, it was a donut! Can you say sugar rush?


This hat became my favorite accessory on the trip. I wore it almost every single day!


I’m obsessed with this skirt from Loft! It is so comfortable and is the perfect piece to throw in your suitcase for traveling. Together my mom and I have it in all 4 colors. (oops…)

Also, I know I’ve shared my David Yurman ring on Instagram before, but in case you missed it, here’s the scoop.

I decided to treat myself to the David Yurman Petite Albion Ring with Prasiolite. Since I first saw this ring, I’ve been drooling over it! I went to a local jeweler to try it on, and that did it…. I HAD to have it! haha I couldn’t get over how gorgeous it was.

With my internship and retail job this summer, I was extremely busy and stressed. There were times when I got so wrapped up in my work that I struggled with my priorities and worked myself into the ground. This can’t just be “a me thing”, right?? I decided I was going to turn the Yurman ring into my summer prize. Every hour I spent working was an hour closer to getting this ring. Guys, this little extra push really helped me to get through the summer. Don’t get me wrong, I loved both my job and internship, but sometimes you’ve just done all you can do and just need time to refuel.

Comment below if you’ve had a similar experience! I’d love to chat. 

Next Up: The J. Paul Getty Museum & Manhattan Country Club

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