I Replaced My Hair Ties With Teleties for a Week

I replaced my normal fabric elastic hair ties with Teleties for a week, and here’s what happened… 

teleties small


Prior to Teleties, I would always wear scrunchies during the night and then elastic ties during the day. I knew the elastic ties had the ability to cut my hair, but with my hair being so thick, I didn’t think I had any other option. Enter Teleties, these strong-grip, non-rip hair ties also double as bracelets and give back to Lymes Disease.


Things I Loved:

  1. They keep my thick, curly hair in place all day long without giving me a headache!
  2. They’re workout approved!!! I went for a run, and although my hair dropped from a high pony to a low one, my hair was still away from my face.
  3. I found myself losing less hair throughout the day. (This is probably TMI, but if I run my fingers through my hair, I can normally come away with multiple strands.)
  4. They don’t leave creases in your hair. I can pull my hair back while I’m working or eating and after my hair falls back perfectly back into place!
  5. They double as bracelets! Major win-win because they’re a lot cuter than fabric ties.

Fourth of July teleties

Remember these red, white and blue Teleties I wore for the 4th of July

Update 12/21/18: I haven’t used a fabric hair tie since being introduced to Teleties over a year ago! I did make the switch from the smaller Teleties to the thicker ones as my hair has gotten longer, but I still sweat by these hair ties.

16 thoughts

    1. It’s definitely a reason to switch over! I LOVE my gold Teleties. I honestly wear them on my wrist as bracelets just as often as in my hair!

  1. That’s really cool. 🙂 I heard of these, but never used them. I use the elastic hair ties. I have ones made for thick hair like mine and they don’t tear my hair. Mostly. 😛 I may try teleties though at some point!

    1. They’re amazing!!! I never thought they would be able to hold up my hair, but they do! Definitely try out. You won’t be disappointed!

  2. I also have really thick hair and would be very interested in trying these. I struggle so much when I work out – my hair has to be in a pony tail and then braided or it is just game over. Thanks for posting xxx

    1. Haha I know that well! My hair is extremely thick and curly, and Teleties work miracles. Thank you for reading!

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