Freshman Year

I have no idea how to begin writing this post. I can’t believe I just packed up my dorm room and said goodbye to my friends and freshman year of college. I know it sounds clich√©, but I remember move-in day like it was yesterday. If I could go back and tell my high school self all that has happened this year, I wouldn’t believe it!


I have met so many incredible people, was offered the Design Chair at the Virginia Tech chapter of Collegiate Women in business, switched my major and altered my academic course, got offered a summer job (I begin Monday!), and I met an incredible guy who completely has my heart (what?!?). High school Erica would never in a million years have ever imagined. It has been one incredible year!

I plan to write a post later on about the advice I would give my high school self. (Be on the look out!) For now, however, I just need time to soak it all in!

Now that is it summer, I plan to be more active on all platforms (blog, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter). Please follow along! 

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