Sweet Treats


Two of my favorite snacks are popcorn and fruit. I don’t know what it is about popcorn, (probably the salt…) but I’ve always been able to sit down and eat an entire bag all by myself.  The same goes for fruit. Fresh fruit is my weakness. I could have an entire bowl cut up, and without realizing it, I’ve eaten it all!


With the weather getting warmer, there is no better snack to satisfy your sweet tooth than fruit and popcorn drizzled in dark chocolate.


I ran to the grocery store and picked up some pineapple, strawberries, blackberries, grapes, blueberries and apples. With the popcorn and the Ghirardelli dark chocolate chips we already had in the house, I was all set to make a yummy snack.


My family had the chocolate covered strawberries finished in no time, and the popcorn wasn’t too far behind!


Everything turned out better than I was expecting and in less time that I had planned! With a few changes here and here, this is definitely a do again. Hopefully next time out on the porch with some sunshine and warmer weather!

What are your favorite snacks to throw together for a quick treat?

Thank you to my amazing dad and boyfriend for the pictures featured in this post. 

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