Valentine’s Day

Call me a hopeless romantic, but I love Valentine’s Day. I seize any opportunity it’s socially acceptable to be overly affectionate, and Valentine’s Day is definitely one of those occasions.
This year I teamed up with my friends, Claire and Kitty, to shoot some Valentine’s Day looks! There’s this cute coffee shop within walking distance from campus (Idego Coffee), and we decided it would be the perfect shoot location. Plus, they have incredible vanilla lattes!
Just a little roomie love! 
I’m going to miss living with Claire so much next year! I couldn’t have asked for a better roommate. She really is the best!
Kitty’s outfit was perfection! Isn’t she so chic?
I purchased this J. Crew blouse almost two years ago, and it’s hands down the most colorful piece I own. It’s so much fun and also looks super cute with jeans! This time around, however, I styled it with my white corduroy pants from Banana Republic, and J. Crew brown heeled boots.
Happy Valentine’s Day!

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